Monday, October 15, 2012

Pitch Live!

I'm back from Portugal, and blog updating has taken a backseat to a weird sort of non-jetlag that has me falling asleep consistently 2-3 hours before my regular bedtime, but still waking up just in time to get to work. That means that most of my free time has been spent on my WIP (almost 40 K!! Maybe I"ll finish it in time to start something new for NaNo. Maybe.) But I can't wait to get back to blogging, reading all of your blogs, and talking about some of the books I read over vacation. I have so many pictures and videos to share.

Plus, right after getting off the plane last weekend, we had my nephew's baptism. He was adorable and well behaved. I'm one proud but busy godmomma! :)

Today, though, I'm posting a video for the Pitch Live! blogfest, hosted by the amazing Brenda Drake, Erika Chapman, and Leigh Ann Kopans. Be sure to go HERE for the linky to other participating blogs.

Here's my entry (it MAY be updated due to my shakycam Hunger Games inspired filmmaking):

Title: The Desired
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count: 72K

Things that I learned while filming this pitch:

1. If you're going to film the weekend before a video is due to go up, don't forget your Bloggie(BEST vlogging cam in the WORLD) because you will then be forced to rely on a finicky cell phone camera.
2. Test the cell camera to see how to avoid horizontal line syndrome (uhm, I should have known, since the bloggie does the exact same thing.)
3. Taking outdoor videos also means that you're bound to deal with sunlight issues (check!), wind issues (check!), and the random airplane (I really should post a blooper video!)
4. I don't have shaky cam action going on. I'm just emulating the artistic style employed by the director of the Hunger Games. *nods* *nods*
5. Holy cow, low sunlight brings out my dark circles. More Benefit Erase Paste, please!
6. The NJ tourism association seriously needs to start paying me, since I'm always going on about how pretty it is here.

And I'll finish this post with more pretty pictures from "the place between the lakes" where I filmed this video: