Tuesday, March 15, 2016

BEA (Bookishly Ever After) at BEA (Book Expo America) short story

One thing that amuses me to no end (and annoys me, at the same time) is that Bookishly Ever After has the same initials as Book Expo America. Amusing because Phoebe would be over the moon to know it and annoying because it makes it basically impossible for me to abbreviate my own book on bookish twitter without causing massive confusion.

After last year's BEA, I was inspired to write a short story about Phoebe attending this year's BEA. It would be a nice addition to my extras tab, dontcha think?

But short stories take time and effort away from book writing to write and revise, so, in order for me to set BEA Feebs loose on the world, I'd like to ask readers--if you loved BEA, post your reviews for BEA (the book, not the trade show) online at retail sites. I'll unlock the BEA at BEA short from my laptop when any of the sites hits 50 reviews.

And if we hit 100 reviews, I'm not sure if I'll write something new or release a deleted scene :) both are possible.

Or maybe I'll drop a teaser for Ever After Book 2. Hmmm....