Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The "OMG, I Have Author Photos" Post

Apparently, when you get a book deal, people start asking for your picture, which is something I probably should have realized, but didn't, along with a bio (Oh, that's fun and easy. Hahahahahaha, Eep.) While I have no shame sharing with you my ridiculous "I'm trying on new makeup, look ma, eyeliner" selfies:

or my "It's CAMP NaNoWriMo TIME! Look at my writer battle-paint" selfies:

I thought it would probably be a good idea to get real photos taken by someone who knows what they're doing. I could have turned to family, but, while I absolutely love them, they're not photographers. In fact, most of the photos end up looking something like this:

Oh, look, BOOKS. What the heck is going on with my face?
I think I saw something like this in a horror film...
 To be fair, dad has managed a few pretty awesome pics like this:

This pic and the one above were taken in Sintra, Portugal at the Quinta da Regaleira 
 But while I'm brave, I'm also a Ravenclaw and Erudite (translation: I'm not that brave, but boy, can I think through things) so I contacted Rachel McCalley, a local photographer whose portfolio blew me away. I wanted to take my pictures here in South Jersey, where my heart is and where BOOKISHLY EVER AFTER is set, and Rachel looked like she'd be the perfect photographer.

And she was!

She calmed my nerves and made me laugh (especially when a random fisherman would wander into the background or when I almost fell in the lake. Twice,) and I had so much fun. And the pictures-- it was so hard to choose! (there's one I absolutely loved because it was SO fairy tale, but I chose others that were more versatile, instead *pout.*)

But enough of my chatter! See for yourself:

Outfit change! Rachel said my coat and dress had a "Little Red Riding Hood" look, and we had some fun taking pictures in the woods!

 What do you think? Any favorites? And can you spot the fisherman in one of the photos?

Location: my hometown in South Jersey.
Photocredit: Rachel McCalley,

Fun fact: While telling Rachel about Bookishly, I mentioned that a location in the book was inspired by a camp I attended in 6th grade-- and apparently, so did she! In fact, there's a scene in the book inspired by something both of us lived through at that camp (us, my sister, and apparently every girl our age in the county.)


  1. I love them all, but my absolute favourite is the last one. The red really pops, it has a subtle fairy tale quality, and it's a nice closeup so people can see your lovely face. Congrats on the awesome author photos! :-)

  2. You already know my favorite :)

  3. You look gorgeous!! :) I like the one with you sitting on the ground in the gray sweater with your hand by your face. Very authory. But I do love the red coat. :)

  4. I love them all. My top two are #2 and #6 I guess I like to see you up close. <3 Just gorgeous!!!

  5. Thanks, Jaime, Stephanie, Marnee, and Kim! I love these photos and it's hard to choose between them all :)