Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Would Your Icon Look Like?

I'm alive!

Summer was busy and incredible, and I spent so much time skating, swimming, walking, writing, working (of course,) and just loving this world of ours that I just didn't have time to post.

One of my summer reads (LOVE) with my goggles on my beach mat.
I'd swim laps at our local lake on the weekends
The view from my beach mat of the lake. I love this lake.

There were renaissance faires and fireflies. Walks though forests. Enjoying the sunshine and smoothies and fresh fruit (and frozen custard, of course.) Fall might be my favorite season, but I completely embraced this season and loved it. I even got a tan.

Okay, a tan for me.

Stop laughing. (and yes, I did wear sunscreen. SPF one million)

There were bad days, but cupcakes and macarons always took care of that:

Oh, Sundae cupcake. You make me so happy.
I finished the first draft(s) of Dramatically and started on Summer Story, which was supposed to be light and fun and silly until it decided to become the hardest thing I've ever tried to write. And I love it, even though I'm still laboring over the outline.

So, blogging didn't happen. I don't know how all of you who post semi-regularly do it. You are all amazing and I bow before you. I wish some of your blogging awesomeness would rub off on me.

Now that I've groveled for a bit, onto the actual TOPIC of this blog post:

A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto "A Nun's Life" podcast, where two IHM Sisters answer people's questions about the Catholic faith and vocations. I quickly fell in love with this podcast and its wonderful hosts.

A) No, I'm not contemplating becoming a nun.
B) This isn't a religious post. Really. I promise.
C) Sisters Julie and Maxine had me at "the garden of Eden had to have a chocolate tree (and coffee) because it's the garden of all that is good."

Anyway, in one of their earlier podcasts, they asked their listeners "If you became a saint, what would your icon* have on it to represent you?" And what would these symbols represent about you and your calling in life? (Examples of symbols included bicycles and ice cream cones.)

*Icons are pictures of saints, and the saints are usually pictured with something to represent them and their lives. For example, Saint Patrick has the staff, snake, and shamrock.

If I became a saint (stop laughing, people!!!! I think you're laughing harder at this than at the tan comment *sniffle*) think I'd like:

Ballet slippers or skates: To represent the joy and feeling of freedom I get when I let go and enjoy the world around me
My laptop or Surface: To represent following your calling, even when you think something is impossible, because that's where you feel the most fulfilled.

Now that I've told you my symbols, what would be on your icon?