Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Poconos Picture Post

I went to the Eastern PA SCBWI Poconos conference at the Highlights Foundation in Boyd's Mills, PA from May 2nd-4th. While I can babble on forever about friends and workshops, inspiration and so,so much kidlit love, let's start with pictures (and captions!) Warning, this post is insanely image-heavy!

The Barn. Gourmet food, 24-hr ice cream and coffee and snacks, workshops, and chatting 'til late!
The farmhouse (I stayed there this year)
Pre-yoga 6am view from the farmhouse kitchen.

Playing in the poetry garden! (Don'tcha love my camperific clothes?)


A little inspiration
The cabins (I WANT ONE!!!)

S'mores at night. Burnt marshmallows are the best marshmallows!
Our writing prompt table--pick an item and write a paragraph about it, then hang it up on the wall.

I wrote a *little* more than a paragraph. Oops.

Even though winter stretched into spring this year, April showers apparently did bring May flowers!
 This is my favorite conference, surrounded by nature and everything writing. I could live in those cabins and eat that amazing food with no chance of ever getting bored.

What is your favorite conference?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Call Story...

... is up on Michelle Hauck's blog, if you're curious. (You know you are... *Jedi mind tricks you into clicking the link*)

Even if you're not, definitely stop by her blog and read the other call stories she has posted-- there is so much inspiration on Michelle's site. A lot of waiting and rejection and surprise successes. A ton of different paths to that email or phone call or google hangout invite. It's really inspirational.

So click, you know you want to :)

(disclaimer: No Jedi mind tricks were used in creation of this post.)