Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

My contemporary is currently a little moleskine notebook (bright light blue!!) packed with plot and character sketches and a few little bits and bobs of story.  I'm charmed by Phoebe and Dev and am having a lot of fun developing their stories.

One thing that I'm starting to learn while planning out this story is that all of those terrible, embarassing, awkward things I did when I was a teen and in my early twenties (and last week) have now become fodder for my fiction. What used to make me cringe when I was younger has me now giggling with delight or squealing over a new way to potentially torture poor Phoebe.

But today's teaser isn't quite about torturing Phoebe.  If you couldn't tell from my "Muddy Valentine" post, Phoeebs is an obsessive reader and, as an obsessive reader, she needs to have a favorite book or two (or ten.)  This is a little bit that she might read aloud/quote from "Golden," a YA Paranormal Romance.  Enjoy!

"Connaught ran his finger down my cheek and I tried not to flinch.  'Are you sure you know what to do with her?' He continued downwards, his fingers running through my hair and only millimeters from my body. It felt like a predator prepping to eat me.  'This one is lovely.  If you change your mind, I'll take her.'

Liam stiffened but his voice was smooth.  'She's mine.' He grabbed my arm and whipped me around to face him, capturing my cheek with one hand. Eyes burning equal parts passion and apology, he bent over and kissed me fiercely, possessively.  I held back a squeak of surprise and relaxed into his kiss.  I felt like molten gold was rushing through my veins.

He made me burn."

I finished reading aloud, my knees a little bit wobbly from the story.  Leaning against the wall for support, I snapped my book shut and looked up at Em.  "See what I mean?  Liam is just so swoonworthy, isn't he?"  I clutched the hardcover to my chest.

Em, on the other hand, looked unimpressed.  "It's okay.  He kind of sounds, I don't know, meh."

I could feel my jaw threatening to drop and I pet the book protectively.  "Meh?  Seriously?"  She had to be coming down with something to think Liam was anything but incredibly hot.

She nodded, ignoring my shock and turning her attention to her phone.  "You know how I feel about these magical whatsit paranormal things, Fee.  So, yeah.  Meh."

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