Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sometimes You Catch Wonderful Things...

(First, sending my love to everyone who usually follows this blog and to all of the blogs I follow-- between family, work, physical therapy/doctor's appointments, recital season, a head cold that took over AFTER finishing antibiotics, and writing/book related events... blogging and blog-following have fallen by the wayside. But a few of those are finally winding down and I promise I'll be back to posting and commenting and reading soon. *crosses fingers*)

There will be a BEA post soon, but not today. Today's post is about two wonderful, magical moments I glimpsed while on the ice this weekend for my skating lesson. Both involving teens. And "liking"/"crushing"/"love." They were adorable and wonderful and reminded me why I love writing for and about these amazing not-kids but not-yet-adults:

1. A beautiful and confident teen girl was skating around with some of her friends, one of them a boyfriend (or a boy who wants to be more than friends.) It was easy to see how he felt about this girl from the look in his eyes whenever he looked her way. Her hair was loose to about her waist and practically floated behind her when she skated. At one point, he was skating from behind to catch up with her and reached out to just let his fingers graze the tip of a strand of her hair before picking up speed and coming up beside her to chat. I don't think she was aware of that faint touch and, unless anyone was watching, it all would have gone unnoticed.

2. A different teen boy was skating around with a girl-- I'm not sure if she was his girlfriend or almost-girlfriend, but this was another boy who wore his heart on his sleeve. She was obviously a first time skater, so he skated backwards veeeerrrrrry slowly, holding her arms, talking to her and keeping her eyes on him instead of on the ice. At a few points in the session, he had leaned his head down until their foreheads were almost touching, whispering to her until she smiled these goofy little smiles. He put her at ease and kept her steady on a frighteningly unsteady surface. They were still slowly making rounds of the perimeter of the rink when I finished my lesson and left an hour later. I'm usually not a fan of people skating backwards without looking, but I'm going to give him a pass because they were so cute!

(FYI, I had a skating date once when I wasn't a skater. He complained about propping me up, tried to get me a cone to hold on to while I skated, and then asked me if it was okay if he "skated around by himself for a bit" because "going slow is boring." Uhm... that should have been a hint as to how the rest of our "relationship" was going to fare. Nothing like the adorable couple in #2!)

So, was I right? How could these moments not worm their way into your heart?


  1. Aw, Issy! Sorry to hear you have been sick, but I loved your re-cap at the skating rink.

    I am a skating disaster, kind of fell onto this ridiculously hot hockey player, (and no, I didn't do it on purpose, I was MORTIFIED) But it was memorable and that's pretty much the beginning of one of my WIPs. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a much better hockey player than he was boyfriend! LOL

  2. This was fabuouls!!! I now have crushes on both of those boys. *sigh*