Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bookishly Ever After Phoebe at BEA Short Story... up on my website!

As promised, Bookishly hit 50 reviews on a retail site, and I'm SO happy to share the Phoebe at BEA short story that has been burning up my laptop for over a year now!

Click here to go to my Extras page and click on the "Phoebe at BEA" link under "Deleted Scenes and Extra Stories/Drabbles."

(and yes, that section title is all plural because I have a lot of other fun short scenes or deleted scenes to share with all of you over time--all of you who have been wonderful and have read and reviewed BEA have helped to "unlock" my story vault!)

In non-excerpt-y news, Dramatically Ever After's cover and synopsis were revealed last month (you can see the pretty here) and I *think* (whistles innocently) I may be allowed to share an excerpt from DEA later this summer--keep an eye on my twitter or here for when it goes up.

And in non-Ever After series news, I've also been working hard on another fun YA contemporary as well as falling down the fandom wormhole for Miraculous Ladybug, If you haven't watched that cartoon yet, DO IT. Awesome teen female superhero with a magical yo-yo who is totally awkward in her civilian persona. Teen boy sidekick who is a supermodel by day and leather catsuit-wearing, pun-loving dork by night. A love square between these two nerds. And set. in. PARIS. (The Origins episode premieres in the US next Saturday, 6 August and I'm prepping myself for all the umbrella scene feels I've been hearing about from other fans.)

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer!

*bookish hugs*

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