Saturday, December 3, 2011

OMG, I'm Actually Doing This...

(Quick apologies... I'll follow up to comments and posts when I'm a little caught up-- 99% of my free time this week was dedicated to REVISIONS for Beta Draft 2* of The Desired AND the YASisterhood Heroine Tourney .  I advocated under another name and you all should go over there and VOTE!  Because these tourneys promote wonderful books and authors.)

This came in the mail yesterday:

(My name is blurred because, frankly, I say so.)

And it hit me then: I'm really doing this.  I'm really, really going to try to be a writer.

I'm not sure why it didn't hit me, uhm:

1. When actually writing my MS
2. The first gajillion edits
3. When sending the MS to my betas
4. Writing my query letter, writing my pitch line...
5. While glaring like a crazy woman at the person standing over me in the B&N cafe during my last heavy edit binge
6. When paying for my SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) membership and winter conference fee.

But, it didn't.  This, in a way, makes it feel "official", as if I've really committed to this endeavour.  I'm going to start querying this month-- assuming nothing huge comes out of Beta Draft 2-- and I'm sure a few rejections will make it feel even more real *insert winking emoticon here, if you're into emoticons.*  I think it's the "officialness" of a society... maybe all of the advice and support that they offer?

That was my "full committment" moment.  What made YOU say, "OMG, I'm actually doing this?"

*Yes, I have revision control on my drafts.  Beta Draft 2 follows Beta Draft 1, my Rough Drafts 1-4, and will hopefully be followed by Query Draft 1.   I am SUCH an engineer.


  1. We were indeed thinking alike (just saw your post on AW) :-)I explain how I got to writing on my blog:

    Good luck with your Beta Draft 2 (you do sound like an engineer :-))

  2. Holy crap girl! We have nearly identical posts. Too funny. I too am an aspiring writer, I too signed up with SCBWI as a 'forward movement in my writing commitment,' and I too dropped some serious cash for the SCBWI winter conf in Jan. Crazy, but I also suddenly sort of part of something and gosh darn it it feels pretty good. Best of luck on Beta 2! I am still in edit hell. =^)

  3. EEP! We'll have to do a meetup in Jan at the conference!

    (*psst* any idea what to wear? I'm thinking of begging Veronica Roth for advice, since she posted on her SCBWI conference experience...)