Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Baby

Another Paper Hangover Friday Five?  Sure!  This week's question is: What are your FIVE holidays wishes?

Of course, I'm wishing for health and happiness for my family in the new year.  And world peace.  And better equity in pay in all industries/professions in the world economy.  And for the Euro and Dollar to stop losing value.  But, I'm going to be more... selfish... in my answers today.

Dear Santa, please bring me:

1. A lutz.  This whole "perfect take-off position but intense fear of actually rotating" thing is getting old.  I know that I can do a lutz jump because I've done it by mistake a few times in the past.  So, I'm not asking for a lot here, am I?  Oh, and while you're at it, I've been overrotating my salchow lately.  Whatcha think of throwing in a double salchow, just for kicks?

2.  Snow.  It's been way too warm lately and, as a knitter, I want to wear my knitwear, darnit!

Yes, this is from when I was a blonde, but that teal looks just as awesome on red hair!
C'mon, Santa, don't let this hat languish in my closet!
3.  An agent?  Unless you freelance as one, of course, Santa.  And if you do, would you kindly request a full manuscript from me?  I'm CONVINCED that Mrs. Claus is totally into YA.

4.  Okay, this might be a tough one.  The other day, I was training a group of sales reps and one of them was a dead ringer for Chris Pine.  Star Trek, Princess Diaries 2 Chris Pine.  He was funny and stood next to me, throwing off my entire presentation because I would look up at him and just melt into an awkward puddle of girly engineer.  Because there were so many reps, I did not get his name or region.  And I didn't have my business cards on me.  So, I need help reconnecting.  Can you please help me with that?

Hey, a single girl has to have dreams and goals.  Mine just happen to look a lot like Captain McHottie.

5.  More bookshelves.  I have seriously run out of room.

Those are my (selfish) five-- what are yours?

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  1. I'm definitely with you on the agent and the bookshelves. Yup... The Call would do nicely. It can be on Christmas Eve--I wouldn't want to tear them away from their Christmas Day celebrations to call me. :)