Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fictional Dead Guys

I have a confession to make:

I have a thing for fictional dead boys.

I think that it started in high school/college with my vampire obsession, fueled by Dracula: the Series (Don't laugh! It was a complete and total cheesefest, but it was still awesome), Dark Shadows, and Forever Knight, as well as multiple readings of Dracula, Anne Rice, and books like The Vampire Diaries.
If it had stopped at vampires, I could possibly pass it off as a trend... or maybe a freak incident.  BUT:

The other night, I sat in the deserted gym locker room for an HOUR reading just… one… more… page of a book (and one more, and one more) because of a certain steampunk-dystopian zombie named Bram who was making me melt (1). And the other night, a French zombie kept me company for hours as I swooned over his sweet interactions with his girlfriend (2).  I can't get enough of these latest incarnations of fictional zombie boys. (1-- Bram from Dearly, Departed, 2-- Vincent from Die for Me and Until I Die)

Yes, I said zombies. And, as someone who occasionally works with dead bodies, I need to pause and note here that real dead people are in no way, shape, or form, hot. Or animate. Or even good-smelling. (TMI and gross, I know.) I’m only into fictional dead guys, okay?

So, why are these fictional dead boys (FDBs for short) so wonderful?

  1. There's something so interesting about someone who has lived through history.  These FDBs didn't just live in the past (well, most of them-- we're excluding Bram for now because he's a special situation), but they almost always had "lived" through an interesting part of history.  As if they have an internal GPS for all of the big events of their era(s).  It would be so INTERESTING to be around someone who actually LIVED in the 1930s (and not just thought that he was from the '30s, like an unfortunate coffee date that I had once. I'm not exaggerating, btw. Occasionally wearing vintage and knowing about big band music= cute. Getting a little TOO into the whole scene, down to talking about famous people from the time as if you had met them? A tad too weird for me.)
  2. They know how to be chivalrous and treat their girlfriends in a way that has gone out of fashion and yet, they're not chauvinistic jerks.  As a woman who works in a traditionally male field, has been asked "You're such a pretty girl.  Why aren't you married and at home with children by now?" and has been ignored in meetings in the past by men who are "uncomfortable working with women", this mix of old-fashioned mannerisms and girl-powered support in FDBs is dead sexy. (see how I worked that pun in there? Hee-hee!)
  3. Even dead, they're gorgeous.  And strong.  And you know that they won't get pot-bellied and out of shape the minute that they're comfortable with your relationship.
  4. They write letters.  With paper and pens.  In bea-u-tiful handwriting with language that will melt your heart.

My 1940's New Look platter hat and 1960s gloves!

All of this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. I love history, fairy tales, and myths. In college, I was a part of the medieval society (specializing--for our group-- in costuming and dance. I can still do a mean flirty curtsy and really miss "Toss the Wench"), I'm doing a 1940's themed skating program, own a replica Victorian under-bust corset, and have a few outfits that would easily pass in the '40s and '50s... including a pile of vintage hats.  These FDBs would fit in my world so well!

So, bring on the FDBs.  I'll be waiting here, fully costumed and ready to go out dancing (oh, did I mention that FDBs dance, too?  *swoon*)

At the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire-- I made the outfit, minus the wreath!


  1. 'There's something so interesting about someone who has lived through history...They know how to be chivalrous and treat their girlfriends in a way that has gone out of fashion and yet, they're not chauvinistic jerks...They write letters. With paper and pens.'

    I couldn't agree with you more (though, I'm not sold on the zombies being hot thing lol). I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era. Love the hat and gloves, by the way :-)

    1. Except for the whole women's rights and better medical technology thing, I know I was born in the wrong era. Give me red lipstick and victory rolls or 30's style rolls any day :-)

      And thanks on the hat. It usually hangs on my wall, but I'm dying to wear it outside! Platter hats make me feel like I stepped out of a detective film!

  2. I'm not much into FDB's, actually. But letter-writing and dancing ability really get me... ;)

    And the midieval society at your college sounds SO fun!!

    1. The medieval society was a blast! The guys could easily be convinced to dance because "Toss the Wench" also became a competition over how high they could throw us ladies (with us jumping to help, of course), and I got to wander campus in gowns on my way to meetings. One of the girls was a certified axe thrower and another was a fire breather, so it was never boring (though I never did see the second one in action :,( )

      And, when all of the serious adults left the feasts/encampments... the cloven fruit came out. *blushes* Now, that made things -very- interesting....