Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've Been Tagged!

The ladies at The Feather and The Rose have tagged me!  This means that all of you get six (6) more facts about me.


BUT, then I get to tag other people who are so much more awesome than I am.  And, if they play, you get to learn six facts about them!  Which may actually make up for what you're about to be subjected to:
Late 50s, early 60s fascinator-style headband
1930s hat, so jaunty!

1.  I have a small collection of vintage hats. A few from the '30s, a lovely platter hat from the '40s (scroll down to an earlier post for that one), a perfect 1920s cloche, and a few headband-fascinator-y type of hats from the 1950s/60s-- including one with a tag that reads "East Germany"(!!!)  I love those hats, even if I don't get many chances to wear them.
1920s cloche, custom made for the original owner, whose name is embroidered on the hatband

2.  Continuing on the whole "I believe that my life is a costume drama" theme, I have a lot of dresses, many of which could possibly pass for something out of the '40s or '50s.  I look good in full skirts and fitted bodices.
3.  I have a tiny, itty bitty obsession with glitter and shimmer.  My makeup collection is frighteningly sparkly.  And Urban Decay owns my first born.
4.  (SERIOUS ALERT) I was borderline anorexic and had a form of bulemia called "exercise bulemia" for a few years in college. A good day for me was when I ate under eight hundred calories and spent a few hours at the gym with my only goal in life to get down to 135 pounds (on a 5'7" frame that won't healthily go below 140.  The only time that I hit 135 was post surgery with no muscle in my left leg.)  I honestly didn't care if my actions shaved years off of my life because, though I had practically no fat on my body, I still thought that I was huge. It took a lot of encouragement from my friends over a year to get back to a normal eating pattern again. That's part of the reason why I'm so big on promoting a positive and realistic body image for girls.
5.  My favorite summer treat is "creme d'mint" (their name& spelling) water ice from a local ice/custard stand.  No other water ice can match this one!  I'm addicted to my weekly "hit."
6.Watching me try to do hip-hop or tap can be the most comical thing on the planet.  I'm a stiff bunhead who definitely can't pop and lock or "ball-heel-change."  But I can do a mean ballet run. And no, I'll never post video on here of me trying.  It was bad enough to see my jazz teacher giggling at me as I tried to keep up with the guest instructor.
Those are my six.  Now onto the linkies (Tag, you're it!):
Mia at Literary Jam and Toast - guys, she posts with CARTOONS.  Because she's awesome that way.
Julie at The Climb-- a fellow no-kiss blogfester whose blog is just fun to read
Marnee at her Marnee Bailey-- I met Marnee during a few #1k1hr blitzes on twitter.  Even though she's romance and not YA, her blog posts sooooo apply to any aspiring writer.  And she's just plain sweet and wonderful.
For my remaining three, I refer you to my versatile blogger post :-P Because I'm lazy and enjoy those blogs.
On a totally unrelated note, I've picked up a sense of cute-blog-name envy.  Using just my name was easy, but it's not as fun as... "Get your Tutus ON!" (obvs not that one!) or similar.  If you see a poll on here sometime in the near future to help me pick something adorable, you know why.

Thank you to the Feather and the Rose ladies for this tag!


  1. You're welcome! Nice hats! And yeah...body image is such a hard thing to figure out for young women these days. It's an issue I'm deeply invested in, too.

    And, bunheads unite!! I did ballet for over 15 years, and was always one of the awkward, stiff ones haha... Learning some Latin dance has helped me loosen up, though. (I think.)

    1. Being a bunhead is awesome, isn't it? I only took jazz to try and loosen up, but it had barely helped. I sometimes go swing dancing, but I'm still working on not thinking "like a dancer" and letting the guys lead!

    2. Oh my gosh, it's SO HARD to transition, isn't it???? Swing is like the COMPLETE opposite of ballet! They tell me, "Don't think. Just follow," like it should be so natural. And I'm like "What?!"

    3. Ha! It's even worse when you have a terrible partner because you're not allowed to lead them and they have absolutely no ability to lead you...

      I've had some amazing swing partners who make me look like I really know what I'm doing (even when I don't) especially when they build on my strengths, like spins. Salsa, though... the hip thing can be a challenge!!!!

    4. Hahaha I was JUST in a ballroom class today and thinking about that exact problem--I would be the better lead here! I'm the one who knows how to execute coreography, etc... And then it's hard to correct them because how do you show them what to do if you can't lead them??? I do love a good lead when I find one, though. When I find one.

      And oh, yes, the hip thing... Everyone in my ballroom class is kind of stiff, so I never feel alone in that--as soon as our teacher says "Cuban Action" we all groan and giggle in unison.

  2. Girl.... You can have the ballet! It's beautiful, until I try it. Growing up in South Sacramento, CA I was the token white girl who listened to 'black music' and did all the dancing that went with it. I just do not have the patience for the slow stuff, or the poise. Heh. I would kill for some Swing lessons though! Now THAT looks like a fantastic time.

    1. Swing is fun! I found some swing classes/dance nights at the local American Legion. Haven't been in about half a year because of timing, but it's soooo much fun!! (I'm also called "Dorothy" or "the girl with the red shoes" because I also have red swing dance shoes. I'm sensing a shoe theme here :P)

    2. Thanks for the tag!! I'm considering my six things as we speak. Or as I write. Whatever! Your number 6 was probably the one I related to most...except I was a trained cheerleader and pom throughout junior high and high school. Which meant stiff arms and legs...and then I joined a dance class my senior year. Which meant graceful and flowing. Not. Happening. But fun anyway! :)