Friday, July 6, 2012

Team Fictional Dead Boy

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that I'm the co-advocate for Vincent (Die For Me, Until I Die) in the YASisterhood Crush Tourney. Which means I get to spend WAAY too much time looking through old pictures for cute boys, taking videos of myself being extremely goofy, and harassing my twitter followers for votes (sorry!)

Why should you care?

If you love YA, the tourney is a great way to meet some fantastic books and passionate fans/bloggers. While paranormal romance trends heavily in this tourney and Cassandra Clare's characters usually blow away any of their competitors (her fans are dedicated and her fanbase is huge. This is the second tourney in a row where the character I'm advocating for has only a tiny chance because he's up against one of her characters in the first round,) some great contemporary "crushes" made their way in this year.

The advocates can be incredibly creative. For example: Team Kilt-- the fan base behind Zachary from the Shade series by Jeri Smith-Ready-- wins, hands down, for funniest, most philanthropic, and most all-around awesome. They embody the spirit of the tournament-- fun and promoting great books-- with videos, donations, pinterest pages and many, many pictures of hot guys in kilts.

I have dubbed myself, "Team Fictional Dead Boy" in addition to "Team Vincent" because there are quite a few wonderful dead boys on the list and you know how much I love my FDBs.

My fictional dead boy t-shirt!

So... check out the tourney and (until midnight tonight), if you love me, you'll vote for Vincent. If you don't, I'll still love you. And hang around for all of the other matches over the next few weeks!


  1. Ack! I wish I saw this post sooner. I am totally with you on Team Vincent- I loved the Revenant series- it was so good. Zombies in Paris? How could that go bad? Can't wait until the third comes out!

    1. I know! Amy is such an awesome author and the Revenants are such an awesome concept. I'm loving this slew of "Zom-Rom" books.

      Be sure to check out the tourney- I'm throwing my support directly behind all of my fictional dead boys :)