Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year's Economics Lesson

Some of this is pulled from and inspired by an oooooooold blog post of mine (not here) when I was just a bloggy baby. I was hunting for the Sarah Dessen quote you'll see in here and reread my post. I decided to bring some of the text over, deleting out the personal stuff from almost 10 years ago and adding a tiny bit, because it really is a nice message to remember for 2013. (Note: the post was aimed at a friend of mine going through a tough time back then!)

We are all priceless.

One-of-a-kind masterpieces-- there's no one like you in the world, and never will be. Remember that. Because, being priceless, you deserve the very best.

"The truth was I knew, after all those flat January days, that I deserved better. I deserved I love yous and kiwi fruits and flowers and warriors coming to my door, besotted with love. I deserved pictures of my face in a million expressions... I deserved to grow and to change, to become all the girls I could ever be over the course of my life, each one better than the last." --Sarah Dessen, Someone Like You

We're not perfect. I know I'm definitely not perfect. I may not be model-beautiful. Hell, I might not be beautiful at all (I've had those "Is it the way I look?" moments... I've had good and bad days). I have a personality that probably grates-- I babble and bounce perkily and talk too much about myself. I can be timid and shy and afraid, I'm proud and stubborn and sometimes dumber that I really sound. I cry at toilet paper commercials when I'm in a mood, throw pointe shoes, and have something of an ego. I wax poetic. I'm overly apologetic. I can be obsessive about my weight. I care too much. I dress weird and talk weird. But, I still know I deserve the best for me. I deserve someone who... well, fits what Sarah Dessen wrote. I have incredible worth.

So do you. Don't sell yourself short.

That's my economic lesson for the day:

You = priceless (or at least incredibly expensive)

And 2013 is going to be amazing.

Anyone want to put in their 2 cents?


  1. This is so great. Thanks for this post. :)

    And haha when I saw "economics lesson" I was like, *bangs head on keyboard* "Eeek! Politics in the blogosphere!" So what it turned out to be was a delightful surprise. I'm going to go to bed now and dream happy priceless dreams. 'Night. :)

  2. Wonderful words of wisdom- You = priceless. I think I'll steal that and use it on my girls!!