Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Post-- Oooh, Exciting!

A first post is REALLY awkward to write.  Really.  And it all starts with this question:

What am I going to write about in this blog?

There are plenty of blogs with "writers in training" chronicling the process, the ups and downs (You'll get those from me, anyway.) And I have my own, personal blog for the occasional whine-fest.  So, what could I possibly write about in here?

After some thinking ("a dangerous pasttime", "I know"), I've decided that this is going to be about the worlds that I want to build in my stories.  Those worlds that inspire and haunt me on a daily basis.

My first "book" has the random castle, kings, and even the occasional Roman ruin.  One WIP is a modern fairy tale set in Georgia, the other bounces around beautiful South Jersey and the historic Hudson Valley of New York.  Setting is very important to me and I've been lucky enough to have seen all of these places.  Now, I want to share them with you.

Also, in "The Desired", my main character is a fashion blogger... so you might occasionally get a fashion-bloggy post from me.  Or a figure skating post, when I get deep into my middle grade manuscript.  This is definitely going to be a crazy quilt of all of my worlds!

(in front of the steps to the Castle wall in Guimaraes, Portugal)

I hope that you enjoy my ramblings!

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