Friday, November 18, 2011

My Five Writing Necessities

I'm officially addicted to Paper Hangover and especially their "Friday Fives."  Today, the team has put out this question:

What are the FIVE things you need to write with, other than pen, paper, and a computer?
1.  My mini moleskine notebooks.  I've had dozens of writing notebooks over the years.  Fancy leatherbound journals, marble composition books, paper pads-- they all served my writing needs but I've never loved any of them... until now.  The moleskines are the perfect size to fit into my tiny purse or pocket, so they can go everywhere with me.  Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I'm the crazy girl at the gym writing a note or something frantically in a tiny notebook while sweating on the elliptical.  Because they come in so many colors, I get to color code my notebooks to my projects and can grab the right one in one glance (The Desired is medium blue, TRC is violet, D2 is purple, TNM is dark blue.. you get the idea.)

  My precioussssssssss

2.  Headphones  Whenever I can, I try to write during lunch hour at work.  And since I write when I can, I occasionally have people (*cough* family *cough*) who don't understand the concept of "I'm working, leave me alone."  For those two reasons alone, these are invaluable.  My bright blue headphones blasting whatever I'm listening to at the moment have made writing possible in almost any situation.

3.  Water Writing makes me thirsty.

4.  Sticky notes.  From planning to plantsing (I'm a combination plotter/pantser) to making random notes to stick in/on my moleskines, I can't live without sticky notes.  Plus, I can stack them, stick them in my notebooks, and take them with me everywhere.  Insta-changeable-outline.

5.  The ability to make a whistle out of my hands (You know-- the one where you blow past your knuckles into your cupped hands... and... Blargh-- Internet to the rescue! )  I don't know how I picked up this habit, but when I'm stuck and need to think, I do this whistle thing.  I'm wierd.  I know.  But it works.

So, what are your top fives?  Post 'em here or go on over to Paper Hangover and join in the fun!

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