Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some of My Favorite (non-castle-y) Places

Warning: there may be more images in this post than actual post.  I'm in a travelling mood!

There are places that I've loved from the moment that I set eyes on them:
(click to "biggify")
Agra, India (specifically, the Taj Mahal!):

The Historic Hudson Valley region of New York (Like the legendary Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow!):

Prince Edward Island, Canada (colors like Oz... SERIOUSLY):

Ottawa, Canada (the Rideau Canal might be a big reason why!  Those are skates on my feet):

... and my home skating rink (yes, those ARE the REAL Flyers practicing):

Worlds apart, but all magical in their own ways.  I hope to share some of these with you as I go deeper into this blog!

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