Saturday, April 7, 2012

Let's Hear it For the Boys!

Back on New Years Day, my baby sister and brother-in-law announced that they were pregnant.  And about a month ago, they had a "gender reveal" during my BIL's birthday party.

It's a boy!

To be honest, when I first heard about pregnancy I picured myself as the aunt of a little girl, doing little girl things, hanging out with her as the cool aunt when she's a teen. Maybe even if I was published by then, being the cool author aunt who wrote stuff that she would love.

But when we bit into the cake balls that my brother-in-law had made for the occasion, the cake inside was blue.*

One of my mom's "little boys"
Suddenly, I thought... "Oh. Boy. A boy. What am I, glittery, sparkly, ballet-dancing and figure skating me, supposed to do with a boy? How am I supposed to be that cool aunt now?" (My practical, girl power voice is screaming right now, "But if the baby was a girl, she might not like traditionally girly things, either! Kids are kids, and even boys can like sparkle." But that still didn't stop me from seeing my dreams of introducing a niece to her first MAC makeup counter float away.)

But, now? I'm excited. I'm looking at little hockey shirts and imagining taking a little brown haired, brown or hazel -eyed munchkin onto the ice. Playing ball with him. Watching him grow up into the awesome young man I know he'll be.

Plus, I love writing the male voice, like Jer and Dev. In about fifteen years, I'll have a beta reader who can totally kick my butt when I'm being inaccurate.

*They didn't have time between the ultrasound and the party to have a cake professionally made, so my sister left the room while my brother in law got the news... and he made chocolate covered cake balls that night so that the gender was a surprise for my sister, too. My BIL is awesome.

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